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“RQR & partners” thanks to the multi-year proven experience of its professionals is able to provide a qualified consulting service which supports companies, at any stage of their existence, during the implementation of accounting and managerial procedures in compliance with current tax regulations. In addition, our firm offers its consultancy to Italian ad foreign private citizens on fiscal effects of financial investments, real estate buying and selling, successions or donations. In this field, we can offer following services: tax planning at National and International level; advice on direct taxes, VAT and other indirect taxes support on the execution of fulfilments...



The presence of lawyers and the integration of professionals with a wide range of experience in our team as well as the cooperation with an external network of lawyers allow our firm to provide advice and legal support in different legal fields; in this way we are able to guarantee, with undeniable benefits, a multidisciplinary and systemic approach. We provide legal support in the following areas: corporate, commercial and bankruptcy law; industrial and intellectual property law; labor law and public sector employment law; banking and financial law; maritime law; property law. Our firm offers not only advice but also support...


Merger & Acquisition

If well planned, extraordinary transactions represent a real opportunity for the maximization of the company value. Our firm is also active in extraordinary financial transactions offering both assistance during mergers & acquisitions and during accounting management and development schemes. We specifically assist industrial and commercial companies organizing and implementing every single extraordinary corporate transaction; we can offer consultancy either to Italian customer for their activities in Italy and in the foreign countries or to foreign customers for their investment deals in Italy.



“RQR & Partner” gives advice to companies on every field concerning the world of work with a verticalization in different areas such as commerce, public establishments, telecommunications, building industry, co-operative associations and shipping. The ten-years experience of our professionals along with a data processing team are able to guarantee a steady support oriented to a quick and well-timed problem solving. Besides labor consulting, “RQR & Partners” offers a valuable contribution to the whole employer-employee relationship process starting from the openings of company position, to classification of human resources, personnel management, payrolls and contributions processing, interfacing with social and assistance institutes on behalf...



Beyond the abovementioned management consulting services, the RQR & Partners is able to provide other specific and high qualified advice services which, as well as the corporate crisis management, represent the flagship of our firm. These services are: planning and realization of extraordinary corporate transactions (mergers, demergers, transformations, selling-off e corporate donations and shareholdings, sharholding exchange, lease and beneficial ownership, company voluntary liquidation).; planning and achievement of financial risk management policy (above all with reference to hedging strategies of financial risks related to interest and exchange rate.; re-engeneering of business processes; planning of Organizational Models in line with Italian Law...


Managerial accounting

The ability to offer companies a complete set of accounting services, in which traditional services are supported by advanced managerial accounting services, represents, undoubtedly, one of the points of excellence of the “RQR & Partners”. Thanks to the technical qualification and the more than ten-year experience in supporting primary industrial and commercial companies in the implementation of management control systems gained by some of its professionals, our firm can offer, among others, the following qualified services : planning and implementation of cost behavior analysis models; planning and implementation of cost-volume-profit analysis model for the identification of the break even point...



The proven and multi-year experience of the chartered accountants of the “RQR & Partners” Firm and the presence of a large number of internal staff employed in the field of accounting ensure the complete satisfaction of all accounting-related needs of the customer: from the simple support for the accomplishment of recurring legal requirements to keep accounting records, to the preparation of annual and half-year financial statements and, more generally, assistance in the composition of financial accounting reports. In this context, the main services offered are: statutory bookkeeping for civil and fiscal purposes; drawing up of half-year or annual, separate or consolidate financial statements for both...



The title of Auditor of some of its professionals along with their proven experience earned in board of statutory auditors within extremely important companies and business groups allow our firm to offer a wide range of auditing services, on voluntary or compulsory basis, and their assimilated services. More specifically, the firm is able to take following assignments: auditing of financial statements and consolidated financial statements on a voluntary basis; analyses of the reliability of specific or groups balance-sheet entries, non-statutory interim financial statements and budgets; due diligence in support of extraordinary corporate finance transactions (such as acquisitions, mergers, sale of...